Recover at our beautiful oceanfront rehab center in North Carolina.

Here are a few reasons Changing Tides is your best choice for effective drug and alcohol treatment.

  • Beach Front Location

  • Affordable

  • Pet-Friendly

  • On-site Clinical Services

  • On-site Family Program

  • Real-world Environment

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Our goal at Changing Tides is to provide hope and coping skills for those struggling with the complexities of life. Our desire is to aid individuals in making the CHANGE necessary to restore their lives. Beneath the suffering is the ability for each person to experience serenity.

Here at Changing Tides we wholeheartedly believe that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

Below you will find more information about:

  • Our Environment and what makes Changing Tides an ideal location for wellness and recovery.
  • Our 3 Primary Recovery Programs that are available to treat addiction.
  • Recent Reviews from clients who have had life changing experiences here.

Our Environment

First and foremost, Changing Tides is oceanfront, and only yards from the beach. We have private beach access directly in front of the facility. There is a large seasonal pool and pool deck with lounge chairs available on site for clients who may want to beat the heat of the beach. WIFI is available for cellular devices, laptops or other electronics that may be used during specific hours of the day. There are 2 washers and 2 dryers on site for laundry needs. The large parking lot provides great access for outdoor games, such as basketball, volleyball, touch football, etc.

Rooms have a minimum of 1 television available for clients for down time or after hours. One unique feature also available to clients is a peer community on site which affords clients interactions with members of the community who are in recovery from addiction. Other staff members are also available as needed as some live on site as well. Some pets are allowed with an additional fee. Pets must meet certain criteria in order to be allowed on the property and will be the responsibility of the owner of the pet.


Outpatient Therapy in NC


Partial hospitalization program (PHP), also known as day treatment, is a type of substance abuse treatment program for those who require more care than standard outpatient treatment or even intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are able to provide.

North Carolina Outpatient Rehab


Intensive Outpatient Treatment is also known as IOP.  Our alcohol and drug rehab programs offer an Intensive Outpatient Program that is a structured and comprehensive program which supports our clients in their sobriety and recovery.

Family convincing the father suffering from drug addiction concept image on how to get someone into rehab


Our Outpatient Program is utilized to treat clients at a level that is the least restrictive in order to help clients solidify the growth in their recovery they have already achieved.

We Also Accept Insurance

Legally, any insurance policy purchased through the federal or state marketplaces, offered via employer-sponsored programs or provided by the government must include coverage for behavioral health care services which includes addiction treatment.

What Are The Next Steps?

Whether you are researching rehab centers for yourself or a loved one, we recommend that you call us now with additional questions or to discuss the admissions process.

Taking just a couple minutes to make the call can have a dramatic increase on the success rate for drug and alcohol treatment.

On mobile devices you can click the button below to call. We look forward to helping you with recovery.

Our Reviews

If you or someone you love are struggling with addiction I strongly suggest Changing Tides! This place changed my life! They didn’t just change my life they saved my life! I came here with the idea in my head that nobody can fix me and I really didn’t even have the will to live…. it hurts me a lot to say that because I didn’t want anyone to know that I was giving up on life and I just felt more than defeated. The staff here helped me more than they will ever know. I now have a positive outlook for my future and regained the love of my family. This place will always hold a very special place in my heart. I swear that it has a different way of doing things opposed to other centers. Please please please try them out and if you want to know a bit of what you or a loved one will be getting into call them and I swear it gets better.
Sean S.
Changing Tides is the perfect name for this place. Not only are the staff members absolutely amazing and genuine but it’s location also give you direct access to an incredible part of the beach. I spent many hours in the sand either fishing or just hanging out because of how peaceful it is. I am about a year and 4 months sober because of this place, the experiences I had there, and the people who helped show me that you can have endless fun while being sober. Thank you so very much to Changing Tides and the entire staff, they were instrumental in helping turn my life around.
Jason D.
Changing Tides was a fantastic place for me. I went in originally looking to “do my time” and I left a better person all around. The staff truly cares about each client. I will forever be grateful for Changing Tides and this experience in my life.
Daniel S.
Changing Tides Google review by Jason
Changing Tides Google review by Sean
Changing Tides Google review by Daniel
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