When you’ve completed a substance abuse rehab program, an effective transition to sober living in North Carolina helps ensure your long-term success. As part of a tiered program of services, sober living programs give you another level of support instead of pushing you into real-world situations as soon as you’ve completed your initial drug or alcohol rehabilitation efforts. Sober homes make it easier to adapt to your new alcohol- and drug-free lifestyle and the sober living environment at Changing Tides gives you the support and structure you need.

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Adjusting to Sober Living

Sober living services are designed for those who’ve successfully completed a substance abuse rehab program and are ready to practice sober living skills in a less structured environment. Peer support, professional counseling and life skills practice help you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Sober living services are available for however long you require them, and program length depends on your individual needs. An individual assessment upon admittance helps determine the details of your sober living program. Sober living services are available for anyone who’s completed a rehab program, including those who’ve previously struggled with alcoholism, drug abuse, prescription opioid addiction, heroin abuse and other substance abuse issues.

Goals of a sober living program include getting you back into the workforce and helping you learn how to manage everyday living. Counseling and support help you achieve these goals so you look forward not only to a future of sobriety but also to an enjoyable, productive lifestyle once you leave the program.