Partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a type of treatment program for those who require a higher level of care than standard outpatient or IOP is able to provide.  Our PHP program is structured for clients to attend 5 days a week for approximately 4-6 hours of different types of therapy per day.  Once admitted to the program, clients each undergo an extensive intake assessment in order for staff to better know their history and is also utilized to develop treatment plans.

The first ten days of our residential drug rehab program will mirror that of the inpatient treatment in order to ensure a smooth transition that will lead to a successful recovery.  During these first ten days, a main focus will be assessment.  Your clinician will be assessing the following:

  1. Your understanding of the biological nature of addiction
  2. Your understanding of recovery language and recovery knowledge
  3. Assessment of short term and long term goals
  4. Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships in recovery
  5. Level of awareness in recovery
  6. Prior treatment experiences and
  7. Family interaction and family dynamic

Within the first ten days of treatment, clients will meet individually with their primary therapist a minimum of two times for treatment planning and assessment as well as individual therapy. Clinical gains made from inpatient treatment or past recovery attempts will be identified and the individual will work with the clinical team to assess how to continue their past or present progress. After the initial ten days of the program, the client’s family/loved ones are encouraged to attend a two day family program. A unique component of our program is that we have the availability to house the client’s family in order to create a therapeutic setting that is conducive to the repair of the family dynamic. After the family program is complete, the client will be fully immersed in the program.