Woman Weighing Out OptionsIf you’ve decided to undergo treatment for addiction, huge congratulations are in order. Realizing that we have a problem and it’s time to change is the first step along the journey to recovery. Now you need to decide where you’re going to seek professional guidance.

Choosing a rehab center is a truly important decision.

One of the first considerations you’ll be mulling over is whether to stay local or travel further afield. Experts generally recommend setting your sights on somewhere outside your hometown.

Get Treated Far From Triggers and Bad Influences

It’s no secret that people who are suffering from addiction have developed bad habits. Often, you’ll have become more distant from your long-term group of friends and gotten closer to a group of people who use the same drugs you’re using.

For instance, when taking a trip to the store, bumping into one of them could spell disaster for your recovery. The desire to please or impress your peer group may temporarily override your logical brain, and that single moment could be enough to cause you to quit treatment.

Additionally, you may have dealers in the area that you obtained drugs from — and therefore the further from temptation, the better. It’s not just the physical risks, though; you could also associate local places with stressful life events or getting high. Being out of the way of these influences can be a massive weight off your shoulders at the beginning of your recovery.

You’re Less Likely to Leave Early

Put simply, if you know someone who lives around the corner can pick you up, you’re more likely to make a call in a moment of weakness. During rehab, almost everyone has moments of weakness. When sober, you’ll be feeling emotions and facing up to things for the first time in a while. If you’re further away from home, the staff and your peer group in the residential treatment center have more time to help you.

Being in a New Place Aids Personal Growth

Recovery is a journey. Being in a brand-new place may give you a sense of autonomy and freedom you wouldn’t feel if you stuck around in your hometown. Discovering new places makes us feel more mature and accomplished, so going to another city or state for treatment can be hugely motivating for someone who has decided to heal. Spending time outside your comfort zone is an integral aspect of personal growth, so be bold and make the decision that’s most beneficial for you.

Travel Can Be Worth it for Special Features

It can be limiting and counterintuitive to select a rehab facility based purely on the fact that it’s close to where you live. To make the most out of your experience at rehab, you should choose a that has features you’re impressed by, such as being close to the beach, allowing pets or placing a high importance on not making clients feel institutionalized.

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