Once IOP is complete, an additional level of care is available.  Our Outpatient Program is utilized to treat clients at a level that is the least restrictive in order to help clients solidify the growth in their recovery they have already achieved.  At this level of care, clients are able to maintain their recovery and sobriety.  We encourage our clients at this time to have either an appropriate job (one that supports recovery), be enrolled in the community college or be volunteering.  It is important for individuals to become productive members of society and enhance their recovery confidence and recovery network.  We also ensure that our clients in our Outpatient Program have the structure and monitoring that is essential to thrive in early recovery.  We aid clients with making the changes to their lives that is necessary in order to grow within their own recovery.  In our OP Program, clients will attend treatment 3 days a week for 1 hour per day.  Clients will be expected to participate in group, individual and family therapy, psychoeducational and experiential groups and AA/NA Meetings.