Changing Tides is an outpatient drug rehab center in Kitty Hawk, NC, near the Outer Banks, providing various substance abuse treatment programs.

Our addiction treatment services offer individuals the care they need to recover from alcohol and drug abuse when their addiction is not severe enough for long-term rehab. Our sober living environment, in conjunction with our programs, provides each person with the resources and support to begin living their lives free from addiction.

If you or someone you love is looking for outpatient alcohol & drug treatment in North Carolina, contact us today at 252-715-3905 to learn more about our outpatient programs, or click here to verify your insurance policy will cover treatment so you can get help today.

Our Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs 

PHP Addiction Treatment

SACOT/Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a type of addiction therapy program for those who require more care than standard outpatient treatment or even intensive outpatient programs (IOP/Day Treatment) can provide.

What Are The Benefits of SACOT/ PHP Rehab?

SACOT/PHP rehab can be an ideal first treatment step for some patients or a step down in continued treatment for others.

A few advantages of a SACOT/Partial Hospitalization Program for addiction include:

  • More intensive care or treatment than standard outpatient treatment programs can deliver.
  • A high level of care coupled with more flexibility and freedom than full residential programs may provide.
  • A continuing treatment option that supports patients who have already completed a full residential inpatient program and need a step-down level of care to help them ease back into their everyday lives.
  • A sober living environment to provide you with the most supportive care as you go through PHP treatment.

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IOP Addiction Treatment

An intensive outpatient program, also known as IOP/Day Treatment, is an excellent addiction treatment service for those without severe addictions who need to adhere to a schedule and have daily responsibilities.

Our intensive outpatient treatment is a structured and comprehensive program that supports our client’s sobriety and recovery.

Our IOP rehab for addiction is known as a step-down within our treatment plans for substance abuse. Typically, a treatment facility lacks clinical support, but at Changing Tides, we provide continued therapeutic and medical care for our client’s mental health and recovery.

What Makes Our IOP Rehab Different? 

Our IOP drug rehab center is structured so clients attend group therapy 5 days a week for 3 hours a day. When not in the specialized programs of IOP, which include group, individual therapy, family therapy, and psychoeducational and experiential groups, clients will be working on assignments for long-term recovery, getting back into the workforce and attending meetings.

Our IOP treatment program is when we see our clients putting to work what they have learned during PHP Programming and living their newly restored life outside. Our IOP is set up to help those in North Carolina with relapse prevention and teaches coping skills and tools to avoid triggers and combat substance abuse.

Please note that all of our clients, regardless of what treatment options they are seeking or the program they are in, stay on-site in the sober living portion of our program to provide continued support.

This gives our clients the best opportunity for continued abstinence and sobriety in our outpatient services program. This also provides clients with monitoring and accountability throughout the recovery services program.

We understand that coming from your home to a treatment provider and then returning home is very difficult. Many people relapse by doing this. We have seen that removing the person from their living environment while seeking services gives them a better opportunity to stay sober and begin their recovery, which is why we provide a sober living environment for those in our outpatient programs.

female therapist conducting a group therapy session at our outpatient drug rehab in Kitty Hawk


Choosing the right outpatient drug rehab program in Kitty Hawk, NC is crucial for those battling addiction. Here’s a breakdown to help you understand which might be best for you or your loved one:

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP/SACOT) includes the following:

  • Intensity & Care: PHP is designed for individuals who require a higher level of care than standard outpatient treatment, or IOP can offer.
  • Suitability: It is an excellent starting point for some and can be a subsequent step after completing a full residential program.
  • Benefits:
    • Offers more intensive treatment than regular outpatient programs.
    • Provides a balance between intensive care and the freedom found in residential programs.
    • Assists those transitioning from residential programs, aiding their reintegration into daily life.
    • Ensures a sober living environment to bolster support throughout the PHP journey.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program Includes the following:

  • Intensity & Care: IOP is tailored for individuals with milder addictions who have daily responsibilities and need a structured schedule.
  • Structure: Our IOP mandates group therapy sessions 5 days a week, lasting 3 hours each day.
  • Focus Areas:
    • Therapy: Group, individual, family, psychoeducational, and experiential.
    • Post-treatment: Assists with long-term recovery plans, workforce reintegration, and meeting attendance.
    • Skills: Emphasizes relapse prevention, coping mechanisms, and tools to confront triggers and combat substance abuse.
    • Uniqueness: We offer continued therapeutic and medical support at Changing Tides, setting our IOP apart from typical centers.

Commonalities Between PHP & IOP

On-Site Sober Living Environment: Regardless of the treatment, all clients reside on-site in our sober living section, enhancing chances of sustained sobriety. We understand the challenges of transitioning between home and treatment. To counteract the high relapse risks associated with this, we offer a sober living environment, ensuring continuous support and fostering a smooth recovery journey.

At Changing Tides, we prioritize our clients’ well-being, tailoring our programs to cater to individual needs ensuring optimal results. Whether you opt for PHP or IOP, you take a crucial step towards a brighter, substance-free future.

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What You Can Expect During Outpatient Drug Rehab

After being accepted into one of our outpatient treatment programs, clients go through an extensive intake assessment so the staff can better understand their history. This assessment is also utilized to develop drug and alcohol addiction treatment plans. Clients participate in various therapy techniques as outpatient drug rehab in Kitty Hawk begins, including withdrawal symptom management and group, individual, and family therapy.

Withdrawal Management

Although Changing Tides isn’t set up as a hospital or medical treatment center, we have an addiction medicine physician and medical staff who can treat withdrawal symptoms. Every effort is made to keep clients as comfortable as possible during the early stages of treatment.

Family Counseling

After the initial 2 weeks of the program, the client’s loved ones are encouraged to attend family therapy sessions if possible. A unique component of our program is that, in some circumstances, we can house the client’s family members to create a therapeutic setting conducive to repairing the family dynamic.

Individual Therapy

During day treatment, clients are required to participate in regular addiction therapy sessions with a counselor once a week for 1 hour. During these sessions, various therapy techniques are used to get to the root of the client’s drug addiction and help them overcome behavioral triggers that drove them to seek treatment in the first place. During one-on-one therapy sessions, clients can address setbacks in their recovery progress and discover new coping skills.

Group Therapy 

Clients in treatment are required to attend two group therapy sessions each day, Monday through Friday, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. A counselor or therapist typically leads group therapy sessions, allowing clients to share their experiences and setbacks with like-minded individuals. During group counseling sessions, clients are encouraged to offer support and share techniques they’ve found successful in coping with their addiction. In addition to typical group therapy sessions, we also have cinema therapy, process therapy, experiential therapy, music therapy, and art therapy sessions.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation have long been recognized for their therapeutic benefits, especially in the realm of addiction treatment. These holistic practices focus on the integration of mind, body, and spirit, offering individuals a pathway to self-awareness, inner peace, and healing. At Changing Tides, we emphasize a balanced and holistic approach to addiction treatment, ensuring that clients not only address the physical aspects of addiction but also the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Sober Living Environment Available 

At Changing Tides, we believe in treating addiction and fostering an environment conducive to genuine healing and sustained recovery. Our sober living environment stands as a testament to this philosophy. Here, clients are surrounded by like-minded individuals on their unique paths to recovery, creating a network of support, encouragement, and understanding. Our sober living environment offers structure and stability—key components for those transitioning from intensive treatment phases. This approach has proven invaluable in reducing relapse risks and promoting long-term sobriety. We’ve seen remarkable success rates by removing individuals from potentially triggering environments and immersing them in a place centered around recovery.

Cropped shot of people providing support to a depressed man during a group therapy session for addiction recovery

Choose Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab at Changing Tides

When choosing the best outpatient drug rehab for your unique needs, you can trust that the professionals at Changing Tides will provide the care you need.

With a range of addiction treatment programs to fit the severity of your addiction to an array of holistic and traditional treatment approaches, Changing Tides offers those suffering from substance abuse a refuge to heal on their recovery journey.

Call us today at 252-715-3905 to get started on your path to recovery or follow this link to use your insurance benefits to start treatment today. Changing Tides will run a confidential, no-obligation verification of your benefits to let you know how much your insurance plan will cover.

We provide outpatient drug and alcohol rehab to residents across North Carolina and Virginia and the local cities of Corolla, Moyock, Elizabeth City, Hertford, Edenton, Ahoskie, Williamston, Rocky Mount, Wildon, Plymouth, Washington, Greenville, New Bern, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.