Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP program is a type of addiction therapy program for those who require more care than standard outpatient treatment or even intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are able to provide.

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What are the Benefits of Day Treatment/ PHP Rehab?

Day Treatment/ Partial hospitalization can be an ideal first treatment step for some patients or a step down in continued treatment for others. A few advantages of a Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP program for addiction include:

  • More intensive care or treatment than standard outpatient treatment programs can deliver.
  • A high level of care coupled with more flexibility and freedom than full residential programs may provide.
  • Provides a continuing treatment option to support patients who have already completed a full residential inpatient program and need a step-down level of care to help them ease back into their normal life.

Do you need Day Treatment aka PHP?

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What to Expect in a Day Treatment / Partial Hospitalization Program

After being accepted into the program, clients each go through an extensive intake assessment so the staff has a better understanding of their history. This assessment is also utilized to develop drug and alcohol addiction treatment plans. As treatment begins, clients take part in a variety of therapy techniques including withdrawal symptom management, when necessary, as well as group and individual therapy.

The First 10 Days of Day Treatment/ PHP Rehab in North Carolina

The first 10 days of our Day Treatment/ PHP rehabilitation program will mirror inpatient treatment in order to ensure a smooth transition that will lead to a successful addiction recovery. During these first 10 days, the main focus will be assessed. Your clinician will be assessing the following:

  1. Your understanding of the biological nature of addiction
  2. Your understanding of recovery language and recovery knowledge
  3. Assessment of short term and long term goals
  4. Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships in recovery
  5. Level of awareness in recovery
  6. Prior treatment experiences and
  7. Family interaction and family dynamic

Within the first ten days of treatment, clients will meet individually with their primary therapist for treatment planning and assessment as well as individual therapy. Clinical gains made from past recovery attempts will be identified and the individual will work with the clinical team to assess how to continue their past or present progress.

Withdrawal Management

Although Changing Tides isn’t set up as a hospital or medical treatment center, we do have medical staff on-hand who are capable of treating withdrawal symptoms. Every effort is made to ensure clients are kept as comfortable as possible during the early stages of treatment.

Day Treatment Family Program

After the initial 10 days of the program, the client’s loved ones are encouraged to attend family therapy sessions. A unique component of our program is that in some circumstances, we have the availability to house the client’s family members in order to create a therapeutic setting that is conducive to the repair of the family dynamic.

Individual Therapy

During day treatment, clients are required to participate in regular addiction therapy sessions with a counselor. During these sessions, a variety of therapy techniques may be used to get to the root of the client’s drug addiction and help them overcome the triggers that drive them to engage in the behaviors that drove them to seek treatment in the first place. During one-on-one therapy sessions, clients have the opportunity to address setbacks in their recovery progress and discover new coping skills.

Group Therapy

Clients in Day Treatment/ PHP treatment are required to attend two group therapy sessions each day, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, depending on the substance(s) they’re addicted to. Group therapy sessions are typically led by a counselor or therapist and allow clients to share their experiences and setbacks with like-minded individuals. During group therapy, clients are encouraged to offer support and share techniques they’ve found successful for coping with their addiction.

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) combines the tools of a 12-step program with a peaceful and holistic yoga practice. Clients take part in Y12SR once per week. This practice addresses the physical, mental and spiritual components of addiction and allows our clients to reconnect with themselves, enabling them to cope with addiction triggers and release trauma.

Refuge Recovery

As part of our holistic approach to recovery, clients participate in Refuge Recovery once per week. This program is based upon Buddhist principles and through mediation, it helps our clients to truly understand the root cause of their addiction while teaching them to free themselves from the emotional turmoil that addictions are known to cause.

Life After PHP Treatment

Upon successful completion of a day treatment program, we recommend that clients continue with outpatient care. When enrolled in our comprehensive outpatient treatment, clients will continue to stay on-site while attending group, individual and family therapy sessions but have the option of working part-time or attending the local community college. Clients who choose not to continue with an outpatient basis are encouraged to continue therapy sessions outside of Changing Tides and attend AA and/or NA meetings indefinitely.

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