Intensive Outpatient Program Details

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is also known as IOP.  Our alcohol and drug rehab programs offer an Intensive Outpatient Program that is a structured and comprehensive program that supports our clients in their sobriety and recovery.  Instead of attending a Sober Living after PHP treatment, we have an option that is available for clients as a step down from PHP.  Typically sober living programs lack clinical support, but at Changing Tides we provide the continued support that is vital to our client’s recovery.

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Our IOP Program is structured so that clients attend group therapy 5 days a week for 3 hours a day.  When not in therapy, which includes group, individual and family therapy, psychoeducational and experiential groups, clients will be working on assignments, getting back in the workforce and attending meetings. This is when we see our clients putting to work what they have learned during PHP Programming and living their newly restored life.  Our IOP is set up to help with relapse prevention and teach coping skills and tools for cravings and triggers to use.

Please note that all of our clients regardless of what program they are in must stay on-site in our lodging portion of our program.  We feel that this gives our clients the best opportunity at continued abstinence and sobriety while in our program.  This also provides clients with monitoring and accountability throughout the entirety of the program. 
We understand that coming from your home to treatment and then returning home is very difficult, many people relapse doing this.  We have seen that removing the person from their living environment for some time while seeking services gives them a much better opportunity at staying sober and really beginning their recovery. 


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General Outpatient Program Details

Once IOP is complete, an additional level of care is available.  Our Outpatient Program is utilized to treat clients at a level that is the least restrictive in order to help clients solidify the growth in their recovery they have already achieved.  At this level of care, clients are able to maintain their recovery and sobriety.

We encourage our clients at this time to have either an appropriate job (one that supports recovery), be enrolled in the community college or be volunteering.  It is important for individuals to become productive members of society and enhance their recovery confidence and recovery network.  We also ensure that our clients in our Outpatient Program have the structure and monitoring that is essential to thrive in early recovery.

We aid clients with making the changes to their lives that is necessary in order to grow within their own recovery.  In our OP Program, clients will attend treatment 3 days a week for 1 hour per day.  Clients will be expected to participate in group, individual and family therapy, psychoeducational and experiential groups and AA/NA Meetings.

We provide effective outpatient treatment to these areas and more: Fayetteville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham, Charlotte, Asheville, Blue Ridge, Wilmington & Raleigh, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Harbinger, Corolla, Elizabeth City, Manteo, Currituck, and Camden.