Choose Changing Tides when seeking treatment programs that accept your Carelon Behavioral Health insurance plan, formerly Beacon Health Options. Situated in North Carolina right off Kitty Hawk Beach, our addiction treatment facility and rehab that accepts Carelon Behavioral Health insurance provides the behavioral health services you need in a serene coastal atmosphere that lets you bring your pets for added support and peace of mind during your recovery.

For more information about our treatment for substance use disorders, contact our admissions team today to see what your Carelon Behavioral Health plan covers, or verify your coverage for treatment here.

Covered by Carelon Behavioral Health Insurance?

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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment and Recovery With Carelon Behavioral Health Insurance Coverage

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, marketplace providers must include provisions for mental health care, including behavioral health services such as detox treatment, counseling services and substance abuse treatment programs. Carelon Behavioral Health insurance coverage fulfills this mission with a comprehensive addiction treatment plan that supports the entire individual for holistic care when you or a loved one needs help with alcoholism and drug abuse issues.

Understanding Your Carelon Behavioral Health Coverage

If you need help understanding what your Carelon Behavioral Health coverage offers, contact Changing Tides at (252) 715-3905. Patients must typically pay a deductible and other out-of-pocket costs for inpatient and intensive outpatient services. Our skilled staff assist you with navigating the benefits provided by your Carelon insurance policy, and we aid you in handling the complexities of preauthorizations and referrals so you have less to worry about while using our mental health programs, partial hospitalization programs and addiction treatment services.

Our Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs Covered by Carelon Behavioral Health Insurance

Turn to Changing Tides for a wide range of alcohol rehab, drug abuse and substance use treatment services. Whether you or a loved one needs detox treatment, long-term drug and alcohol rehab or addiction treatment for fentanyl, meth, opioids or heroin, our treatment plan options enable smooth recovery in a tranquil space just 30 feet from the beach. Cozy, pet-friendly suites with housekeeping services, Wi-Fi and phone service make Changing Tides an excellent choice for those seeking treatment in a stress-free atmosphere while recovering from substance use and abuse issues.

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Substance Abuse Detox Services

Breaking free of the grasp of alcohol and drugs requires many patients to detox before they begin an actual treatment plan. For that reason, Changing Tides accommodates those who need an intensive outpatient treatment program that gets them clean and sober before entering our long-term rehab facility. Carelon Behavioral Health, formerly Beacon Health Options, offers these detox benefits, among others, including:

  • Mental health support, such as individual and group behavioral therapy
  • Medication-based addiction treatment that eases dependence on drugs
  • Intensive outpatient services that let detoxing users live everyday lives
  • Ample support after detox to keep those with substance use issues sober

Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When you need more supportive treatment programs, Changing Tides offers long-term rehab for drug and alcohol problems. Our extended-stay options include 30-, 60-, 90- and 120-day treatment programs that create the structure you need for success without all the restrictions demanded by traditional treatment plans. While we provide monitoring and accountability, we also allow our residents the freedom to use Wi-Fi and keep in touch with friends and family during our inpatient treatment plans. Those on the Carelon Behavioral Health Plan who have stayed at Changing Tides past 30 days also gain the freedom to drive their personal vehicle, so you can readjust to outside life gradually with the new habits you created while using our addiction treatment services.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient treatment plans let you get the help you need without unduly interfering with your job or life. Perfect for those with problems that aren’t severe enough for long-term rehab, these substance use and alcohol rehab programs focus on healing mental health and creating healthier coping mechanisms, encouraging sober living with the resources necessary for an addiction-free life. Our intensive outpatient services let you take an essential first step by providing a high level of care and freedom with more intensive care than strictly outpatient services can handle.

Sober Living After Addiction Treatment

Sober living programs from Changing Tides, combined with top-notch counseling services, offer extra support for the addiction treatment you receive in and out of our facility. Designed with your long-term success and sobriety in mind, these transitional housing programs give those who recently completed a long-term rehab plan a safer space to get used to the outside world again. Living with others going through the same temptations and trials creates a sturdy support system that makes shifting to a clean, healthy lifestyle easier with comfortable spaces, a structured environment and easy access to a serene beach when you need to escape, relax and meditate the urges away.

Begin Your Recovery with Carelon Behavioral Health Insurance

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Get Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Started With Your Carelon Behavioral Health Insurance Plan

Carelon insurance covers a variety of addiction treatment services offered by Changing Tides, making us your go-to destination when you need help with substance abuse issues. Our behavioral health services set a strong foundation for mental health, with options for detox treatment, partial hospitalization programs, long-term rehab treatment and intensive outpatient services. When you have Carelon Behavioral Health insurance, we can confirm your coverage quickly and get you into the program you need to conquer substance use disorders. Call Changing Tides at (252) 715-3905 to get started.