Substance abuse disorders, trauma and mental health issues go hand in hand. Every team member at Changing Tides understands the importance of providing treatment in a real-world environment. Unlike other drug rehab centers that are highly clinical, our Drug and Alcohol Rehab near Fayetteville NC provides the perfect balance of structure and freedom to ensure your transition into self-led recovery is as smooth as possible.

We help you discover the hope and the coping skills necessary to overcome addiction and live a happy life, free from the suffering caused by substance misuse. Call us today at 252-596-0584 to speak to an addiction specialist.

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Addiction Statistics for Fayetteville, North Carolina

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration regularly releases a report on the behavioral health of people in and around Fayetteville, NC. In North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi, 2.5 million people over 12 have an alcohol addiction and 3.6 million struggle with drug addiction.

In North Carolina alone, there were 3,188 overdose deaths in 2020 – A 38% increase from 2018. Many of these deaths were entirely preventable had the people suffering sought help at an alcohol and drug rehab, like Changing Tides.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs near Fayetteville, North Carolina

We offer a range of substance abuse programs to suit our client’s diverse needs. Our tiered system goes over and above other rehab centers in Fayetteville by providing uniquely structured outpatient treatment and sober living services.

Everyone who attends a treatment program stays on-site at our beachfront location to help you rebuild a lifestyle conducive to recovery.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)/Day Treatment

The most intensive treatment plan and the first stage of our tiered programs are ideal for people with severe addiction. If you feel your life is out of control and struggling to function in your personal life, career and self-care, our PHP, aka day treatment program, can help.

Whether you’re stepping out of residential treatment or medical detox or it’s the first stage of your recovery journey, we’d recommend day treatment. The first 10 days replicate an inpatient program and are crucial for gaining a full view of your unique treatment requirements. You’ll participate in withdrawal management, family therapy sessions, group counseling, refuge recovery and yoga.

Intensive (IOP) and General Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient services are the next step down from PHP/day treatment plans. These services take place five times per week for three hours each day. You’ll take part in group therapy, individual therapy, experiential groups and psychoeducation.

When you’re not in treatment, you’ll work on assignments, attend meetings and seek education or employment. You’ll implement the coping skills and tools you learned in the PHP.

General outpatient treatment services is the least intensive outpatient program and an ideal step down from the IOP — or the first step for individuals struggling with a less severe addiction. While less severe isn’t easy to define, it generally refers to individuals in the early stages of a substance use disorder or who display three or fewer symptoms.

In our GOP, you attend sessions three times per day for one hour, with the majority of your time spent working, volunteering or attending school.

Young woman from Fayetteville North Carolina sitting at the beach after coming to Changing Tides for addiction treatment

Sober Living at Changing Tides

Many people who struggle with addiction issues are most vulnerable to relapse during the transition from rehab to their home environment. Our sober living facilities provide the support and guidance you need to safely navigate this difficult phase and empower yourself to maintain recovery.

Only people who’ve completed a program at a rehabilitation facility can access sober living, but it doesn’t have to be our rehabilitation center. You’ll participate in professional counseling and other structured activities and have plenty of free time for work and hobbies.

Family Therapy

Family members play a vital role in the recovery process, but they can also contribute to enabling someone with an addiction. Family therapy is crucial for most individuals because it aligns your support network with your treatment goals.

You and your loved ones must learn the best ways to navigate recovery and understand that fault and blame are useless. While family dynamics can contribute to addiction, underlying mental health issues usually cause people to self-medicate. A support system is crucial to recovery, and family therapy helps build a strong, consistent network.

We Accept Your Insurance

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Paying for Addiction Treatment Programs

Some people believe the drug rehab cost is a barrier to treatment, but at Changing Tides, we offer affordable treatment and are in-network with most major insurance providers. By filling out this form to verify your insurance benefits, you can find out whether your insurance covers treatment at our specific treatment center.

What Makes Changing Tides Different

Changing Tides is one of the best addiction treatment centers in North Carolina because we focus on the underlying causes of addiction and curate a real-world environment. Let’s look at what that means in more detail:

  • Mental health services and treatment of the underlying causes of addiction: We understand that addiction typically solves a mental health issue for people and provides comfort they cannot find elsewhere. Helping you develop alternative coping mechanisms is a core component of our program.
  • Real-world environment: Unlike many other drug and alcohol rehab centers, we aim to replicate the real world. That means there are times of day when you can use your electronic devices, and developing hobbies and exploring your interests is just as important as therapy and psychoeducation.
  • Structured substance abuse treatment: While we make our environment as similar to real life as possible to help you ease into daily life, we ensure you understand the importance of a structured lifestyle. A consistent sleep schedule, plenty of exercises and a healthy diet are critical for ongoing sobriety. 
  • Beachfront location near Fayetteville, North Carolina: When you stay with us, you have access to a private beach, a large seasonal pool and a pool deck. You can even bring your pet with you if it meets the criteria! Our staff takes care of light housekeeping services and laundry, so you can focus your full attention on getting better.

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Drug and alcohol addiction can make you feel powerless to change, but it’s possible for everyone to recover. Changing Tides is ready to help you. Fayetteville, contact us today to get on the road to recovery!