Durham, NC, is a diverse and exciting city. However, hard work and a busy lifestyle can take a toll on people living there. To cope with stress, some turn to alcohol or drugs, which can lead to addiction. People in Durham and the surrounding community can find comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse treatment at the Changing Tides treatment facility.

Types of Addiction Treatment Near Durham, NC

Changing Tides offers long-term alcohol and drug rehab for residents in Durham, NC, to overcome dependence on alcohol and drugs. Services include comprehensive treatment resources.

Individuals with substance abuse problems who live in or near Durham, NC, and need substance abuse treatment classified as day treatment with lodging, or otherwise termed partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program can find it all at Changing Tides. We offer substance abuse treatment in a tranquil but real-world environment. The beachfront treatment program in Kitty Hawk, NC, allows individuals to leave their busy routine behind and concentrate on the recovery process.

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How Changing Tides is Different…

Changing Tides provides holistic and research-based treatment. Our caring and professional staff will assess your needs and work with you to develop an individualized care treatment plan to help you achieve a successful recovery. An evaluation helps identify co-occurring mental health issues that may also be present. 

Services you can expect at Changing Tides treatment center include medication assistance for withdrawal symptoms to lessen the impact of the withdrawal associated with drug or alcohol abuse. Individual therapy sessions and trauma therapy can help you develop skills to avoid relapse if you struggle with a history of abuse, grief or post-traumatic stress disorder. You participate in group therapy, where you’ll share, find peer support to improve your social skills and learn the importance of accountability.

Loved ones who participate in family therapy can better understand the addiction process, including what it means to enable an addicted person. During family therapy, there are opportunities to express feelings in a neutral environment that promotes understanding and healing. Experiential therapies include artistic expression and movement, music and recreational therapy, all of which can help individuals in their healing journey. 

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How Insurance Can Help With Recovery in Durham, NC

The Affordable Care Act requires that health insurance policies individuals purchase through the Health Insurance Marketplace provide behavioral health care benefits. Included in that requirement is addiction treatment at rehab facilities. You can ask that Changing Tides check the provisions of your policy to determine which services your insurance covers. You’re responsible for paying the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses your insurance provider requires. When an addiction treatment program is part of your insurer’s network of providers, the insurer may pay a significant portion of the costs.

The preauthorization step comes after your health care provider prescribes or refers you for substance abuse treatment. The insurance company will review the recommendation and let the facility know if it approves the admission. Changing Tides accepts most private and major insurance and verifies insurance coverage for individuals interested in its substance abuse treatment program. Verification involves contacting the insurance company to determine:

  • If your policy is current
  • If the rehab facility is in your insurer’s network
  • The deductible amount
  • What services the policy covers
  • Whether you require preauthorization or referral

Once you’ve completed a rehab program at Changing Tides, you have the option of gently transitioning back to regular life by staying in a sober living home. This type of accomodation is perfect for people who don’t currently have a home environment that’s conducive to recovery or those who want to learn how to live as part of a healthy community before embarking on their first house-share or solo living arrangement.

You’ll take part in a mixture of structured activities and spend your free time doing what you want to do. Group sessions and individual counseling still take place, but you also have time to look for a job and pursue education, and we provide resources and support to help you along the way.

We Accept Your Insurance

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Sober Living in Durham, NC

It’s possible to achieve sober living in Durham, NC, by completing a treatment program at Changing Tides. You can count on the professional staff to help you with this goal. Changing Tides offers sober living residences in a supportive environment for individuals recovering from drug use. You continue to get counseling and other services at the treatment center to help you transition from your rehabilitation phase to your real-world journey to recovery.

Why Come to Kitty Hawk for Substance Abuse Treatment?

When you enter a drug rehab center, you want to put all your effort and focus into your recovery. Changing Tides in Kitty Hawk offers residents in Durham, NC a peaceful environment that allows you to leave the cares and worries of a busy life behind so you can work on what matters most to you and your loved ones: healing from the alcohol and drug addiction that interferes with healthy relationships. 

Changing Tides treatment center is ready to help you and individuals of all ages, including young adults, overcome substance abuse disorders and get on with sober living. Call 252-715-3905 and request one of our addiction specialists. We’ll verify your insurance benefits and determine how we can assist you.