Understanding Your Cigna Rehab Coverage

One of the common questions individuals and families have, when they begin searching for help with drug or alcohol addiction, is whether or not insurance will cover the treatment. The answer to that question depends on a variety of factors, including what type of health coverage you have and where you are seeking treatment. But health care plans provided through employers, through the government or via the health insurance marketplace do typically include benefits to cover drug or alcohol treatment.

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Does My Cigna Insurance Policy Support Drug Treatment?

If your Cigna plan was provided through an employer or purchased via the health insurance marketplace, you have some sort of coverage for behavioral health needs, including addiction treatment. The Affordable Care Act and other federal legislation actually mandate that substance abuse coverage benefits are a part of health coverage plans such as these.

Does My Health Insurer Cover Alcohol Recovery Services?

Yes, most Cigna plans also cover alcohol recovery programs. As with drug rehab services, treatment for alcohol addiction is typically considered a behavioral health care benefit, which many health insurance plans are required by law to include.

Will My Healthcare Plan Pay for Addiction Treatment?

Whether Cigna will pay for your addiction treatment, and how much it will pay, depends on factors beyond whether the plan includes benefits for these services.

First, you do have to ensure these benefits are included in your plan. You can check your benefits book or find out more about your plan through the Cigna insurance portal. Changing Tides also works with you to verify your insurance and benefits so you better understand how your plan might cover addiction treatment. You can complete an online form to request an insurance verification.

In addition to finding out what types of drug rehab programs are covered, an insurance verification also helps you understand what your co-pay and deductible might be.

Most health plans have a deductible. This is the amount of covered health care expenses that are deemed your responsibility before the insurance begins to pay for claims. It’s worth noting that you have only one deductible for your entire plan, which means all covered medical expenses add up to help you meet it each year. That means if you have had any medical treatments in the same year you seek addiction treatment services, you may have already met your deductible.

Once you meet your deductible, you may also have a co-pay for addiction treatment services. This can range by plan and be a single one-time amount or a percent of the total charges, and the amount of your co-pay can change depending on whether you work with an in-network or out-of-network provider.

Other factors that can determine if Cigna will pay for addiction treatment include whether your rehab provider accepts the plan. Administrative steps, such as referrals or preauthorization, may also be required.

Reach Out for Assistance From Changing Tides

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, find out today what type of coverage your Cigna plan offers. And know that Changing Tides does offer some financial assistance for its programs and can help you understand what options you have and make referrals if we aren’t the right path for you at this time. Call us today or complete our online contact form for more information.