Paying for addiction treatment can be an understandable concern when individuals or families first start looking into the possibility of a rehab center. And if you have an Anthem insurance policy, you may wonder: Does Anthem pay for day treatment/ partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment? Discover more about how to find out whether your insurance provider covers drug or alcohol treatment options, and then complete a request for an insurance verification to get more details.

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Does Anthem Cover Alcohol Rehab?

If you purchased your Anthem insurance plan through the health insurance marketplace, you have some type of coverage for substance abuse treatment, including alcohol rehab. That’s because the Affordable Care Act mandated these types of insurance benefits in all policies sold through the marketplace. You also probably have this coverage if your Anthem policy is through your employer.

Does Anthem Cover Drug Rehab?

Yes, most Anthem insurance plans include substance abuse coverage. This is true for the same reasons they have alcohol rehab insurance. In fact, most insurance companies simply offer behavioral health benefits that include drug addiction insurance coverage in general, so both alcohol and drug abuse treatment is included under this umbrella.

Will My Insurance Policy Pay for Health Services at Changing Tides?

Whether your insurance provider will pay for treatment programs and how much it will cover depends on a variety of factors.

  • Whether it covers the treatment in question. Just because your plan includes benefits for alcohol or drug rehab doesn’t mean those insurance benefits cover every single health service that can be billed under these categories. If a health service is not covered, the insurance won’t pay for it.
  • Whether the provider is in-network or out. Insurance companies usually pay a higher percentage of charges when the provider is in network with the plan. They will still pay for services provided through out-of-network facilities, but you may have a higher co-pay in those cases.
  • Whether you’ve met your deductible. You must first meet your deductible with qualifying health care expenses each year before your insurance starts to pay for health services. The law requires that insurance plans come with a single deductible, which means you don’t have a separate deductible to meet for addiction treatment. If you have already met your deductible with visits to the doctor or hospital treatments for physical illnesses, you won’t have to pay it on detox services in the same calendar year.

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At Changing Tides, we know that there are many fears and challenges that can loom when someone makes a choice to seek addiction treatment. Finances and how to pay for a treatment center can be one of those obstacles. Don’t let this worry keep you from reaching out for drug addiction treatment today.

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