Changing Tides is a North Carolina drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility for those struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction who are open to a life of recovery.  We offer a unique setting, a Sober Living Environment WITH adjunct therapeutic components ALL ON ONE SITE.  Our substance abuse treatment facility provides a “real world environment” experience that is conducive to recovery from addiction, while receiving services needed to thrive in recovery.  Our program provides clients the structure with the freedom to begin or continue their recovery in a healthy way with accountability and therapy.

Our goal at Changing Tides is to provide hope and coping skills for those struggling with the complexities of life.  Our desire is to aid individuals in making the CHANGE necessary to restore their lives.  Beneath the suffering is the ability for each person to experience serenity.  We are committed to helping our clients achieve that experience through individual, group, and family therapy, psychoeducation, peer support, and an emphasis on structure.  We hope to help clients establish healthier habits and continued growth in all areas of their lives.  Here at Changing Tides we wholeheartedly believe that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

We offer a recovery residence just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean for your Addiction Recovery Treatment in North Carolina. The CHANGE you need and seek can be found here with our team of dedicated professionals motivated by compassion and ready with extensive training.